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Miles Blair 


Bazaar & Consignment Shop

Where spirit meets lifestyle

The idea for our business began when my  inner circle began their holistic and spiritual journeys.  We all outgrow things physically, energetically and spiritually so we thought why not give these things a new life. Our store also accepts clothing, shoes and accessories that are on brand for this lifestyle as well as furniture and art.

At Miles Blair Bazaar Spa, we regularly accept donations, consignments and on-spot sales on a regular basis, and our ever-expanding inventory reflects this. Our shoppers benefit from our low prices.

We always were meant to be a Spa & Spiritual Center, hence the Apothecary in our contemporary Barber Shop which means healing space. In this economy spa services are considered a luxury. With the state of the world we believe wholeheartedly that these healing and preventative services are a necessity. We have created our services with value spiritually, energetically and physically.